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Biblical Contradictions
The Bible & Jesus Myth
Did Jesus Exist?
How Jesus Got A Life
Where Jesus Never Walked
The Twelve: Further Fictions From The New Testament
Of Bones and Boners: Saint Peter At The Vatican
A Nativity Potpourri
Rehnquist And The Ten Taboos
Hang ‘Em All — Completely!
Origins Of Mormonism (with Images)
Origins Of Mormonism (Text Only, Images Separate)
Spiritual Guide To Gracious Living
Mary “Faker” Eddy And The Cult Of Christian Science
The True Origin of the Christian “FISH” Symbol
Race and Religion
On the Importance of “Being Seen”
The Real Bible – Who’s Got It?
Daniel in the Debunker’s Den

Welcome to Church!

But before you start singing and mumbling prayers, we have some issues for you to think about. That’s because, for most people who profess a religious belief, their “faith” is accidental — a function of time, geography and circumstances. A Christian fundamentalist, had he or she been born three thousand years ago in Egypt, would have probably ended up worshipping the “true” deity or deities in vogue at that time. A contemporary Moslem would have worshipped an Aztec or Mayan pantheon of gods had he or she been living just a few centuries ago in Central America. There have been thousands of different religions worshipping tens of thousands (and even millions) of assorted gods. Most, if not all, have claimed to be “the one true creed.” And their disagreements have resulted in war, intolerance, oppression and other violations of human dignity.

Today in America, Christianity — the worship of a god-man known as Jesus — is the dominant belief among those who profess religion. But did you know that about 10% of Americans consider themselves to be Atheists, doubters, or religious skeptics of some kind? That’s over 25,000,000 people. Millions more, the majority of the American population, are branded with the odious label of “unchurched”; they do not attend church, mosque or temple on any regular basis (except perhaps on “holy days” to keep up appearances for friends, relatives and the community), nor do they look to religion for a moral code. Their ethics stem from a secular philosophy of life.

Atheists often know more about the precepts and origins of religious belief than believers themselves do. We study more than just the one accepted “holy book”, and we like to read the parts which churches ignore, or conveniently re-write in an effort to render religious text more palpable. Here are just a few items for you to read, contemplate, and even chuckle over. AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS offers a wide variety of books and pamphlets dealing with religious superstition, including biblical errancy and the mythology of Jesus.

Here in church, we say: “Go ahead! Read the bible, and the Koran, and the other numerous books which claim to be divinely inspired. Study religious history…and then decide for yourself!”

See Also…

  • Biblical Contradictions
    It is a central dogma of all fundamental Christians that the Bible is without error. They teach this conclusion by “reasoning” that god cannot be the author of false meaning and he cannot lie. Is this true?

  • Fundamentalism
    The full text of an address delivered by Dr. Madalyn O’Hair, founder of American Atheists, at Memphis State University, Memphis, Tennessee, on October 22, 1986.

  • The Bible & Jesus Myth
    Millions of people claim that they belong to the Christian religion, but few of them know anything about the alleged life of the founder of their religion, a mythological fellow named Jesus.

  • Origins Of Mormonism
    -The Book of Abraham by Frank Zinder.

    -The Mormon Book of Abraham by Frank Zindler.

    Having quite a flair for publicity, Joseph Smith pretended to have translated The Book of Mormon from a pile of gold plates dug out of a glacial hill in upstate New York…

  • Spiritual Guide To Gracious Living
    Try these bible quotes on your religious friends!
  • Did Jesus Exist
    Frank Zinder looks for evidence that Jesus was a historical person. What does he find?
  • How Jesus Got A Life
    Frank Zindler gives us a look at his theory on the creation of Jesus Of Nazareth.
  • Where Jesus Never Walked
    Did Nazareth exist in the first century? It doesn’t seem likely.
  • The Twelve: Further Fictions From The New Testament
    Frank Zindler takes on the historicity of the twelve apostles.
  • Of Bones and Boners: Saint Peter At The Vatican
    Whose bones are those? It’s unlikely they were ever inside Saint Peter.
  • A Nativity Potpourri
    Frank Zindler examines the mythology of the nativity. Included are several adaptations from Ohio’s “Dial-An-Atheist” messages, both serious and satirical.
  • Rehnquist And The Ten Taboos
    Frank Zindler takes a closer look at the Ten Commandments.
  • Hang ‘Em All — Completely
    Which “Ten Commandments” do the politicians want to hang? Frank Zindler suggests: Hang ‘Em All. (There are probably more than you think.)
  • On the Importance of “Being Seen”
    Their own holy book admonishes them to pray in private, yet modern Christians “need to be seen.”
  • The Real Bible – Who’s Got It?.
    How can so many different versions of “The Bible” be inspired?
  • Daniel in the Debunker’s Den.
    Frank Zindler debunks the “prophecy” of the Book of Daniel
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